Best Online Marketing Strategies in Bloomfield, Michigan

Online Marketing

Right now, in 2018 if you don’t have some sort of digital online marketing strategy implemented into your business you are leaving money on the table.

For the uninitiated digital marketing can sound like a daunting task. However, it does not have to be that way if you take a measured approach.

Although there are many different types of online marketing strategies, not all of them will be one size fits all. Some will work well for different types of businesses. Therefore, it is important not to become overwhelmed and focus on a strategy until you get it right.

Best Online Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Launching and maintaining a strong email marketing campaign has two distinct advantages. It allows you to personally connect with a large list of prospects instantly and provides you with the opportunity of identifying and following up with interested new customers that can turn into regular clients.

Live Webinars

Running a live webinar is a great way to demonstrate your product first hand. You can also train customers on how to use your product or service and overcome any objections or barriers in a live environment. Webinars, when done correctly, can lead to high volume sales and leads.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to piggyback on the success of another website, especially one that has a lot of authority. In the eyes of the reader this will give you a lot of respect and you, in turn, can also be seen as an authority. Guest posting should be part of any serious online marketing strategy.


When a potential customer types in a search term into Google that is related to your product or service, do you show up for that? SEO takes skill and expertise, but it can be well worth the effort with free organic traffic.

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