How to Create and Execute an Effective Lead Generation Strategy

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Lead generation is the holy grail of online marketing. Creating an effective lead generation strategy can be a rather complex process and so here are some of our top tips for planning and executing a great lead generation strategy.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is where you create interest initiation. Its where potential customers interact with your content and say “ok yes, I like what I’m seeing, tell me more” this process is the very start of your sales conversion domino effect. Getting the consumer to this point is where they enter and start moving through your sales funnel. Each phase they reach will smoothly merge into the next step and so on until they reach the main goal, making a purchase.

Lead Generation Strategy

Why Lead Generation Is Crucial

Since lead generation is essentially a capture of attention, this enables your business to start gaining a following. If you begin to build a list by collecting email addresses, you have the ability to directly contact that person at a later date with your current offers. Lead generation empowers the building of a relationship with this you can gain both trust and authority.

Lead Generation Examples

There are numerous lead generation tactics to apply to your marketing strategy and choosing the most effective ones will mostly depend on what type of business you are in. Some of the most powerful methods include product or service videos, discount codes, free E-books, a free trial or consult, consistent content, post boosting, webinars, and podcasts. The main objective is to provide high value to your community, offer them something, and they are more likely to hand over their details for future content.

An Effective Lead Generation Strategy

Applying an integrated online marketing approach to your lead generation strategy will result in a much higher conversion rate. Having several lead generations in place is much more effective than having just one. While some people love a good e-book, others much prefer watching a video. What works with one group of potential customers won’t necessarily work for all, but at the end of the day, all these people have something to gain from your business otherwise they wouldn’t fall under your target audience umbrella.

Lead Generation Video

Successful Lead Generation Practice

Directing traffic through your lead generation filter can be a lengthy process, but that is almost always the case. Customers resent spam if you fire out every technique and offer under the sun during a short time frame people will most likely avoid your website and business like the plague. This is where your patience comes in to play. Suppress the temptation to become “spammy” don’t pop up from every corner of the internet screaming “buy this” “buy that” “buy from me!” instead, start a conversation with the customer. Continue interaction and maintain a consistent online presence and eventually, the leads will come to you.


Not everybody that interacts with your posts and content will be ready to move forward, some need a little more information and time to put their trust in you. This doesn’t mean that they are uninterested it simply suggests you should try again at a later date. If you successfully set up a marketing funnel, you can highlight key points where you will interact with these people again and try to get them back into your marketing channel.
Using eye-catching graphics and captivating text will further increase the appeal to your business. Creating a brand provides your business with a characteristic that people will instantly recognize, this gives you trust and authority that awards a higher advantage further down the line.

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