Google Marketing Strategies in Bloomfield, Michigan

Google Marketing Strategies

There is certainly no denying how big and powerful a search engine Google is. In fact, most people are probably unaware that there are 100’s of search engines available besides Google.

When people need to search for something or verify information, Google is the first word they utter.

The same is true when we watch movies and tv shows; they are all using Google.

Therefore, it makes absolute sense that Google marketing is part of your marketing strategy.

Now Google is not an easy giant to handle, because much of what it does is very secretive. Getting the coveted top spot in the search results is not a simple task, but it is doable.


The first approach to getting a ranking on Google is to define the keywords directly related to your brand.

There is a fine balance to ensure there is enough search volume for the keywords you have chosen to be part of your Google marketing strategy.

Once you have settled on the keywords, these will become part of your marketing arsenal. You will use them on your website and for all of your other online marketing efforts.

Paid Ads

Google Marketing Strategies

These are the sponsored ads you see on the Google search results. When done correctly, you can get a great return on your dollar. However, if you get this wrong, it is likely to cost you, as paid ads can be upwards of $50 per single click.

As with SEO, paid ads will rely on the keywords you choose.

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