Integrated Online Marketing Strategies in Birmingham, Michigan

Integrated marketing refers to the act of strategizing all marketing methods to work together toward a single goal. Integrated online marketing means you formulate your email campaigns, social media posts, blogs, and click ads to work in tandem.

But an integrated strategy is so much more than synchronizing your messages. A successful marketing campaign rarely comes to fruition without forethought and well-purposed strategy from the very beginning. Successful integrated marketing means putting a specific plan together to achieve your marketing goal.

Integrated Online Marketing

Where to Start?

Two of the most basic concepts of marketing include identifying your marketing goal and identifying your target audience. Once you have those in place, take your strategy a step farther by asking yourself a few probing questions.

  • How is my product different from the competition?
  • How is my product better than the competition?
  • How can I best highlight the advantages to the consumer?
  • How can I keep my message consistent across platforms?

A successful marketing strategy includes an airtight focus on the brand image. It maintains a consistent voice throughout the campaign, and it uses all methods available to get its message across to the intended audience.

Online Marketing

The Next Step

Once you’ve brainstormed the all the avenues for your campaign, consider the most effective way to get that message out there. Social media? Ad campaigns? Blog posts? Email blasts? You may opt for a few of these methods – or all of them. Whichever route you choose, tailor your message to the audiences who use those platforms. Integrated marketing approaches bring results when they work together to attract customers to you.

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