Internet Marketing Questionnaire


    The first step is to fill out our marketing questionnaire. Afterwards, we will conduct a marketing audit and schedule a Zoom meeting to review your questionnaire and discuss your custom marketing strategy to start dominating your market. We look forward to working together with you!

  • What is the main web address/URL(s) you wish to promote:
    Are you considering a fresh new website to maximize your marketing and conversions? There are two parts to online success, your website, and marketing. Therefore, are you open to a redesign if it could increase your conversions and give you better ROI?
  • Briefly tell us about your business and what you do really well.
    Please select the marketing strategies your most interested
  • Search Terms/Keywords - Enter your top 10 Keywords/Keyphrases that you would like to be ranked for in the Search Engines.

    For Example, Dog Bite Attorney, Plastic Surgeon Farmington Hills, Best Lasik Doctor Near Me.
  • Enter what a prospect would enter in Google to find your business.
  • Competitors

    Please list your top 3 competitors. If you don't know them enter

    To help us understand your expectations, we need to understand what results your currently getting from your website in terms of phone calls and web form leads. Please share specifics.
  • Marketing Budget

    Yes, we have to discuss the budget; we are not everybody. We operate with very high standards, processes, and experts on our team. We are fair but by no means cheap. We deliver results, and that costs money and time. Please submit if you are serious about taking your business to the next level.
    Budgets matter, especially with internet marketing. We can design the most powerful plan in the world; however, if its not in line with your budget, then we all lose time. We suggest 7% - 10% of your gross sales is a good rule for your monthly investment. More investment will translate to more results!