Why Reviews?

Your online business reputation represents your brand. Brand management is dependent on successful reputation management. Reputation Management is the key to successful “Transparent Marketing” – the next generation of marketing – where customers find you instead of you finding the customers.

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90% of consumers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews

88% trust online reviews as much as personal referrals

80% of consumers would try a business that had a rating of 4 stars or more

83% of business owners, executives or marketing leaders correlate revenue growth with just a one-point star rating improvement

78% of business leaders correlate a decrease in business with just a one-point star

14% of consumers would try a business that have a rating of 3 stars

9% increase in revenue correlated with just one-star rating improvement

49% increase in seats sold with only a half-star improvement

66% of consumers find a local business from the Internet