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Now that you have an awesome website, it's time to start getting new clients and increase sales.

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eCommerce Services

Whether you’re refining your existing eCommerce business or starting one from scratch, our team has a full suite of solutions and experience to help you build a profitable business.

  • eCommerce Strategy & Consulting
  • eCommerce Marketing
  • eCommerce Development
  • eCommerce Support
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Marketing Services

Crush your marketing goals with the help of a digital commerce agency that knows what it takes to get to the top. Solutions tailored to your specific needs and hyper-focused on attracting customers, not tire-kickers.

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Jeff and the entire team at Marketing Success are simply incredible. The level of professionalism, expertise and service are unmatched. Marketing Success takes the time to learn you and your business. They tailor fit a strategy to attract new customers, drive results and take you to the next level. One of the services we utilized was website development and we were simply blown away with the outcome. A far cry from the cookie cutter, cut and paste template website we had before. I highly recommend Marketing Success to help move your business forward!

Desiree Dyer

It took me nearly a year before I decided to commit to these guys and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I started a brand new company with no prior business experience starting from nothing. Jeff is serious about your success. Not only will he and his team strategically and meticulously build your website and your brand, but they are willing to discuss your future plans to make sure you will win. He is very responsive and meets every single deadline HE sets to getting things done. He said he could get the website done in 60 days and he did just that. He is very personal and understands your needs to make your website, and branding campaign absolutely perfect. Give these guys a call, you owe it to yourself.

Dexter Alleyne

Marketing Success has done a great job managing the paid social ads for my business. Their attention to detail and strategic approach has led to incredible results for a start up business like mine. Easy to work with and always very responsive.

Brad Oleshansky

The entire team at Marketing Success, Inc. has been wonderful to work with. They are very responsive to any questions and modifications. They provide great feedback on options and ideas to incorporate into our website design. We would highly recommend them and plan to continue doing business with Jeff and his talented team.

Mary Kreager

Jeff and his entire team is incredible to work with. It is clear the Marketing Success Team is extremely well-versed in SEO and it's complimented by beautiful eCommerce design. I know when I work with Jeff and his team the work is done correctly, thought out and executed to perfection. The whole team is also just so wonderful to work with!

Stephanie Willich

Working with Marketing Success has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. They have amazing SEO marketing and have completely transformed our business. Out of all the companies we have worked with, Marketing Success stands out for their level of professionalism as well as experience.

Dennis Pozios

This organization gave me outstanding service! Unparalleled in his professionalism, flawless in his attention to detail, and most of all rigorously committed to making lots of money for our company-Jeff is amazing! Our meteoric rise in the market is directly attributed to the Marketing Success team. Frustrated and apoplectic with other internet Marketing companies because of their failure to deliver I turned to Jeff and his Team for help.

ONeil Swanson

Jeff has a world class marketing company that will help any business owner achieve the next level of development. Whether you need a marketing strategy, advertisement campaign, website, business consulting, or all of the above; Jeff & his team @ Marketing Success are the people you need that will create the results you have been wishing for.

Alexander J. Olgate

SEO Experts! The Marketing Success (MS) SEO team knows exactly how to improve Google rankings and deliver results. Over the years, we have worked with many SEO agencies. Of all of them, I can confidently share Marketing Success has produced better results and delivered them more quickly than any of the other agencies. We have seen increases in traffic and qualified leads, resulting in new clients.
Also, they do a great job with reporting. Their proprietary reports allow me to review my performance in real-time! In my opinion, Marketing Success is the number one internet marketing agency, I highly recommend them if you finally want to get results.

William Gaskill

I run a recruitment agency for content developers and videographers. Jeff and his team built my website according to my specs and within my budget and timeline. The communication was always regular and they valued my input. Very professional team, I would absolutely trust them with my future projects.

Social Media

Marketing Success is THE resource for excellence in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The name is the mission and the result. You want better clients? You need Marketing Success - you won't regret it!

Mind Shift

You guys Rock! In the past, we worked with other SEO and marketing companies, but only Marketing Success delivered results. They are digital experts and helped us increase business. Also, we used their digital consulting services which was a real game-changer for us. They exceeded our expectations and highly recommend their services. Thank you!

Zak Thompson

I gave Jeff a budget and a tight window to develop my company's website. He was laser focused when he layed out a plan to ensure it'd be done on time. Asking thorough and throughful questions he quickly grasped by business model and was able to layout a comprehensive site that has already been given rave reviews by all who have seen it. I highly recommend Jeff and his team at Marketing Success, they will not disapoint.

Howard Rubin

Jeff is the consummate professional. His knowledge of online marketing, search, reputation management and general website commerce is top notch. He is responsive, proactive and has great ideas. Highest recommendation.

Terry Sawchuk

It is an absolute joy working with Jeff Jacobs and the Marketing Success team. They are respectful, reliable, timely, and fun to work with! As a BigCommerce Certified Partner, and with years of experience with SEO, they are an amazing agency to work with!

Jessica Williamson

Marketing Success helped me with my marketing strategy and SEO, I can only say good things about this company. They are hard working and efficient! I recommend them for anyone that is in search of marketing needs!!! LOVE!!

Katy Kouvaris

Working with Jeff and his team at Marketing Success, Inc. was a real pleasure. The direction that they helped us take our website was and is out of this world. Very friendly staff, great ideas and helpful beyond what was expected. We struck gold when we got in touch with Marketing Success! Our website went "ok" to really representing what our company is all about - style! We will happily and proudly recommend, Marketing Success to anyone that needs great web design.

Motor City Granite

Elite team that cares about their clients success above all. Jeff has the experience and knowledge needed to take your business to the next level. If you are looking for the absolute best SEO service, look no further. Every aspect of their service is world class and they make sure you get results.

Vincent Zampelli

At PARC we struggled for years with our website, Jeff used our content and developed a new website in 60 days. It's easy to use and a vast improvement over our existing site. Jeff and his team are very creative and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him and Marketing Success, Inc. to anyone.

Donald Soenen

The professional team members at Marketing Success, Inc. provides exceptional customer service!

L Blake

I have personally worked with Marketing Success in tandem with several mutual clients over the course of several years. There are several out there that can do great design, others have great marketing precision. It takes a special group like Marketing Success that is able to pull all of these elements into a cohesive and effective means to get your business out there and noticed.

B Little Hawk

Working with Jeff Jacobs and his team at Marketing Success, Inc. was a fantastic experience! They completely re-vamped our existing website into a professional, attractive, and effective marketing tool. The entire process was very easy and enjoyable, even though I am not very familiar with the technology involved. Highly recommend for any business looking to grow and thrive!

Gail Grieger

Marketing Success made creating our new website a breeze. Jeff and his team are a pleasure to work with!!!! Highly recommend if you are looking to design or update your business website.

AE Jobs

Hey Jeff, You have marketed our Law Firm for over 3 years including developing our webpage, managing our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and supervising our month blogs. In addition, you have always been available to review or marketing plans and develop new ideas to promote our practice for the benefit of our clients. Thank you for your hard work.

Terry Cochran

I hired Marketing Success in 2019 to provide my company with SEO so we would rank higher on Google and generate more users. We started with next to no users, little sales and a 1% conversion rate on our e-commerce site. We are now over 10,000 users a month, 5x increase in sales and over 3% conversion rate. The SEO did take time to compound but the ROI was well worth it. Hands down best digital marketing company around.

Joseph Kuehn

If you are researching Marketing Success about whether to engage them to help you run your business, today is your lucky day. Marketing Success has been a valuable tool for my small business. They have taken care of all my tech needs from webpage, email to e-commerce. They are always available when we have issues and they respond quickly with zoom chat sessions to walkthrough my problems. They have given me more time to work on running my business and following up on my leads. I highly recommend using their services.

George Drosis

Marketing Success is a 5 star company in all standards. They price everything fairly, get every job done promptly, and are personable. When my company's website development got completely screwed up, I turned to Marketing Success. They were able to pick up the pieces and get our website up and running beautifully! Now I always turn to them for updates and troubleshooting. Thank you to Jeff and his team for treating my like their #1 client.

Nicolas Dacey

Jeff and his team are very knowledgeable and professional. They have been extremely helpful in guiding the marketing decisions that we have needed to make and have full supported us as a business over the years. They have a tremendous amount of resources at their disposal to help you grow. We appreciate and respect their expertise.

Roger Kreager

Jeff responds immediately and effectively. We never have to worry about our website because Jeff's got it handled. We've had a long and successful association with his company and we're big fans.


Jeff brings experience, performance and professionalism to every project. He is a trusted advisor and always meets the needs of our client projects. I recommend his company highly!

Brad Heureux

5 stars! Jeff and his team know their stuff! They built a great website, improved my SEO results tenfold, and helped me improve our online reviews and ratings. They are also great to work with in that they communicate effectively and watch my online analytics for me. I highly recommend them!

Nick L

Working with Jeff has been great! Our website looks awesome! So easy to communicate and make updates or changes. They've walked us through every process with patience. Highly recommend!

Amber Lofty

We had marketing success build us a website for our training company as well as do marketing to increase the amount of exposure and students. Extremely happy with the results it just keeps on building.

Joseph Kuehn

If you want to take your business to the next level, hit up Marketing Success. True professionals, they know online marketing inside and out. We're a small business looking to compete with the big boys in our space. In addition to SEO work, we had our Bigcommerce website totally remade by Marketing Success and it couldn't be better! (Our website is better than the huge companies we compete with.) The pricing is also very fair and you get a ton of value since the work is done so well, and the bottom line get results.

Cary O

Marketing Success produces results. If you want more leads and more customers, I can attest that the Marketing Success SEO optimization strategies work. I have tried a lot of different methods of improving my search engine rankings and, more importantly, getting more visitors that turn into clients. I have posted blogs, guest posts, and followed different back-linking and other strategies. However, none of them seemed to work. I have wasted a lot of money paying several different internet marketing firms for strategies that didn't work. Only Marketing Success has improved my search engine rankings and, more important, helped me increase my revenue stream and profits. Marketing Success is a different kind of internet marketing company. They prepared a tailored program that fit my budget and business niche. Their six-month strategy has not only improved by search engine rankings to the point where I now rank for some terms on page one but have also significantly improved my rankings for other terms. More important, the leads they generated have provided me with new clients that have become regular paying customers. Their SEO team did their research. They provided me with a detailed competitor’s analysis. The team then developed a targeted keyword strategy with the right number of blogs, power pages, and guest posts that have significantly improved sales and added to my profit margins. Part of their plan included improving my eCommerce website to not only make it look more professional but also made it easier for existing and prospective clients to buy from me. If you want to improve your SEO rankings and want more paying customers, I strongly recommend you call or email Marketing Success today.


Our relationship started with this company from a cold call we received about a year or so ago. Typically, if we aren't actively searching for a service or a product, these types of unsolicited calls never make it past a brief introduction before the cold caller hears the click of me hanging up. But on this particular day the cold call came at a perfect time. Our website was outdated and didn't function the way we needed it to. There were some glitches and hiccups with the site and we were quickly loosing faith in our then web designer to fix these issues. Yes, I reluctantly took the cold call and am really glad I did. The team I worked with at Marketing Success was absolutely great. From the first phone call, through the design process to going live with the site was just a fantastic experience. FAST too. Marketing Success has brought the concept of the assembly line to web design. They provide a step by step process from start to finish and each step is laid out on a working schedule that you can see. You know where the design team is in development and its pretty neat to see your site come together and finally go live. But the service doesn't end at the completion of the website design. When I need to make a change on the site, I simply call the team at Marketing Success and its taken care of. It really is that easy! Fast, friendly, professional organization with a consistency in first class service is what this company has provided to me. I give them an A+.... The team at Marketing Success fulfilled my website needs and continue to offer support whenever I need it. What else can I say? I am glad I took their call!

Gebo's Garage

Jeff has been an advisor to me since the early 2000's, he is a true advocate for me and my company, a total problem solver with immediate responses. He earns my business every time we connect.

Josh Rubin

I use Marketing Success for the company that I work for Get Skillz Basketball. Marketing Success has built our website and made it extremely easy to use for our customers. I would recommend Marketing Success to any company looking to set up a website because they are extremely knowledgeable and timely. Especially in the fast paced basketball training industry, it is important to constantly update our clients with information and Marketing Success is always there to help us take Get Skillz to the next level.

Marius Williams

Marketing Success Rocks! We needed a super creative website for our company Flashmob Solutions that told our story, communicated our goals and drove results. The entire team at Marketing Success is awesome and very responsive customer service. They made the entire process of getting our website online very easy. Highly recommended!

Samuel Colman

Marketing Success has completely changed the way my business operates and has brought huge increase to traffic and profits. Choosing to go with them was probably the best investment I have ever made to improve my company and my own paradigm. I highly recommend to any business owner looking to take things to the next level!

IFA Tactical

Marketing Success was recommended to us by a fellow professional - their knowledge and expertise was evident from beginning to end in the construction and maintenance of our website. We would not hesitate to encourage others to avail themselves of the excellent service and quality of Marketing Success!

George La Corda

Marketing Success are topnotch professionals that design visually beautiful and highly functional websites that attract new clientele, grow your business, and help maintain and update their structural integrity and functionality. I have been impressed with and gratified by their level of competence and creativity.


Marketing Success had created many top notch websites for both my clients and my own firm Westwind Communications. When it comes to website development you need a company that shares the vision of the firm and has the creative capability and the technical know-how as well. Having a U.S. based point of contact is important for most companies, authors and professionals as it speeds up the delivery of the services. I've always found that Marketing Success is responsive to phone calls and emails for additions or fixes. As we all know, a website is never done! SEO is important, why have a website if nobody can find it! I have always been impressed by the knowledge of the principals about SEO. In this ever changing world, having the latest and greatest website is a competitive advantage. I highly recommend Marketing Success.

Scott Lorenz

Marketing Success has always done a wonderful job handling my web design and hosting. They offer creative ideas along with a strong knowledge and understanding of getting my business recognized.

Matthew Darling

Working with Marketing Success has been extremely rewarding. Jeff made sure that everything was set just the way I needed it! His pleasant and positive attitude coupled with his great creativity resulted in an outstanding website!

Lori Jacobs

The best company for website design. Their excellent service and expert internet marketing has grown my business. People are telling me that they came to office because they loved our website and reviews. Creative design, high quality work and very fast. I would recommend them to anyone

Scott Owens

Marketing Success Team has taken a Complex/Difficult Subject, made it simple to understand by all and will allow people in the marketplace to make the right choice for pain relief! Forever Greatful! Thank You

Emery Korpas

Great website developed in a timely manner. Outstanding communication. He knows his stuff. Will continue to work together without any reservations. Pain Relief Plus.

Jeffrey Sadowski

I have been working with marketing success for over 5 years and they have been great to work with. They are very professional and are very good at what they do. They have developed multiple websites for my different businesses and developed good marketing strategies. When I call them I always get a quick response and the answer to my question. Good people .

al abdelnour

Jeff and his team at Marketing Success are first class operation all the way. Their quality, competitive prices, and attention to detail are far superior to their competitor. I highly recommend them. Todd Nowak Supreme Powder Coatings

Todd Nowak

Jeff and the entire team at Marketing Success are simply incredible. The level of professionalism, expertise and service are unmatched. Marketing Success takes the time to learn you and your business. They tailor fit a strategy to attract new customers, drive results and take you to the next level. One of the services we utilized was website development and we were simply blown away with the outcome. A far cry from the cookie cutter, cut and paste template website we had before. I highly recommend Marketing Success to help move your business forward!

Desiree Dyer

Working with Jeff and his talented team has been a great experience. We have used them now for several projects of which were handled professionally. I would recommend them... Anthony Kest / Managing Member No B.S. Solutions LLC.

Anthony Kest

It is a pleasure to find a company that is so easy to work with. They are creative in their approach to web design and extremely responsive to the client's needs. Thank you for all your hard work. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you.

Linnell & Associates PLLC

I've used Marketing Success for multiple projects over the past 12 years...from site development to marketing installation and implementation! There is CERTAINTY that when using this group of pro's, you're revenues and GP grow fast (faster than you think...and with virtually no oversight) ...Awesome!

Tom Vann

Amazing can't say enough..... it has been pleasure working with Marketing Success. Great communictaion, helpful and very informative. Our sales have almost doubled in only 2 months. Looking forward to working with the professionals at Marketing Success in 2018 onward. Thank you guys

Allure Imports

Marketing Success is an excellent Marketing Firm - I highly recommend them! Beautiful websites and always available - enjoyable experience since 2012!

Jackie Carpenter

Marketing Success did a great job with our website! Love the finished product and great customer service along the way. Keep up the good work!

Tiffany Sawchuk

We are a very busy dental office that uses this company and they are very prompt, efficient and professional. Our office would definitely recommend them for all your needs.

Front Office

Greetings, What I appreciated most about working with Market Success, Inc. is the responsiveness and accuracy regarding inquiries and requests.


Great company with the best personalized service. Jeff has been a terrific asset to our marketing needs.

Eileen Kroll

These guys are great!! Very hardworking, extremely knowledgeable and always available. I couldn't be happier!! Keep it up!!


Thank you Jeff and team for the past years of great service! Laser Mark-It

Yvonne Markel

The secret service of web development and marketing. The best in town! Motown get down..


Great people to work with. did a fantastic job on our website.

Chad Chilton

The staff is wonderful to work with. Their work has improved my business.


Always a pleasure working with Jeff from Marketing Success.

Terri Shuttleworth

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    Marketing Success is a premier certified BigCommerce partner, ready to help transform your eCommerce solution for B2B and B2C brands.

    Ready to grow? We can help you with a professional high converting design and can drive the marketing with SEO, PPC, and Channel Marketing.



    Look amazing on Laptop, Desktop, Smartpad, & Mobile





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    Michigan Chiropractic Specialists

    Marston Optometry

    Black Lotus Brewery

    Levan Dental Group

    Getskillz Basketball

    What We Do


    Advanced Reporting providing campaign progress and discovery. Stay on top with our Scoreboard.

    • Strategic Marketing Reports
    • Outline Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
    • Data-Driven Decisions
    • Measure and Improve
    • Aligning Marketing and Sales Team
    • Budget Allocation
    • Discover Quick Wins


    Full stack strategy to create a results driven marketing strategy.

    • Website Audit
    • Marketing Strategy
    • SEO Strategy
    • PPC Strategy
    • Funnel Planning
    • Lead Generation
    • Sales Conversion


    Creative Design Strategic Planning to create a design which converts browsers to new clients / drive sales.

    • Website Audit
    • Branding
    • CTA - Call-to-action
    • Live Help
    • Site Architecture
    • Site Mapping
    • Lead Generation


    Create robust Ecommerce websites designed to convert browsers to buyers at the highest conversion rates.

    • Platform Selection
    • Bigcommerce Certified Partner
    • Cart Optimization
    • Fulfillment Strategies
    • Shipping Optimization
    • Tax Strategies
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Online Product Reviews


    Powerful organic SEO marketing drives targeted traffic resulting in lowest Cost Per Acquisition and highest conversion rates.

    • Keyword Analysis
    • Avatar Selection
    • Full Site Optimization
    • Product Optimization
    • Intensive Site Audit
    • Content Creation
    • Blogging
    • Link Building
    • Full Reporting


    Game-changing results with advanced CRO. Increase conversion rates and increase your sales ROI.

    • Screen Recording
    • Create Text-Based Ctas
    • Add Lead Flows On Your Blog
    • Landing Page Testing
    • Graphics Optimization
    • Optimize High-Performing Blog Posts


    Full-Stack analytics provide clarity and marketing direction for better decision making.

    • Custom Dashboard
    • Advanced GDS Reporting
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Audit and Selection
    • Improved Decision Making
    • User Funnel Strategies
    • Personalization
    • Quick Wins

    Who We've Worked With



    Marketing Success has a team of talented passionate internet marketers dedicated to help your business THRIVE. We have developed a robust and result oriented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process that is proven to drive targeted traffic to your website. It's all trackable even down to the phone calls.

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