6 Online Reputation Management Strategies That Work

In the age of the web and social networks, companies that do not manage their online reputation closely expose themselves to great potential risks. Online reputation is the image that users make of you on the web and social networks. It is, therefore important to come up with strategies that will maintain the image of your company. Online reputation management is the real deal!

This guide will equip you with the best online reputation management strategies for protecting your brand.

1. For Content Creation, Focus on Quality Over Quantity

You understand that we must give priority to quality over quantity. Readers prefer unique content that is tailored to their respective needs. In addition to creating quality content, try to keep a single editorial line; if you spread too much you may gain readers on one side by interesting them by various topics. On the other hand, you will lose your first readers who will no longer find yourself in your editorial line.
There are publishing automation tools that will save you a lot of time.

Online Reputation Management

2. Stay Fully Linked to the Real World

Connecting to the world is a perfect online reputation management strategy. The broadcast message is accelerating with time and is growing fast. The use of the “small screen” and tablets leads to an increased increase in the spontaneous sharing of messages. With the development of smartphones and tablets Internet users use the web for everything and report their real life to the web.

To manage your online reputation, for example, a restaurant can offer at the end of each meal a customer to leave a review on a tablet that will be published directly on the restaurant’s website or on their social networks. It’s a way to connect web and real life to develop your online reputation.

3. Find Out Your Market Share for Bigger Profits

In this digital age, ignoring the web’s contribution to the management and promotion of its business is a serious mistake. Much more than just a broadcast medium, the web builds effective and profitable marketing strategies and offers you a wealth of analytical tools and market share information. Knowing the profile and behaviors of your consumers, keeping abreast of the actions taken by your competitors, and offering new sales proposals are all advantages that maintain a flourishing digital environment.

4. Take Part in the Conversation to Reconnect With Internet Users and Customers

When you are confronted with negative reactions on your social networks, blogs or websites, for example, a subscriber who posts a negative comment, you must answer as quickly as possible. If you do not answer, you may leave a very bad impression on other subscribers. It is important not to delete it since it may worsen the situation.

A customer who posts a negative comment is a customer who is angry, if you delete his comment it will only increase his anger and he will post his comment (which will be even worse) elsewhere, where you will have no access and you will not be able to do anything about it. Be aware that a customer posting a message (even negative) is still open to discussion. To uphold this online reputation management strategy, take time to answer by being humble and modest. This will be beneficial to you and your online reputation.

5. Listen to Your Customers

While the Internet offers a host of tools such as Google Analytic and Moz to measure the volume of visits to your website, they do not inform you about the impressions consumers have about your business. That’s why it’s important to diversify your web strategy by enhancing it with several digital options. For example, choosing to bet on social networks can be an excellent choice when you want to get closer and start the discussion with your customers.

Reputation Management Strategies

6. Learn to Manage Reputation Crises

If a negative rumor hits you and you see that you no longer have control over the delivery of the message, think of the paid lever. This idea provides additional information or an explanation of what has been said. For example advertising inserts on Facebook or on Google. You can do this for a month for example to defuse the situation.

There are also companies that offer e-cleaning services, but this does not prove very effective because even by removing comments, photos, and other items once launched on Google you can never really delete everything.

Online reputation management, monitoring, analysis, and business-community relationship maintenance is essential. Otherwise, you risk continuing problems with negative public perceptions and serious problems with adding to your new client base.

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