Google PPC Management: How Does It Work

If you are considering running a PPC campaign but not too sure what is involved, consider contracting with a firm that has the experience and know-how to run successful campaigns.

Pay per click or PPC is a form a paid advertising where your ad appears on search engine results. PPC is an alternative to SEO when your site appears organically on search results. Many companies use both SEO and PPC as a form of search engine marketing.

While naturally appearing on search engine results is free in terms of you not paying the search engine when your link is clicked, with PPC you will pay each time your ad is clicked.

The advantage that PPC has over SEO is that you can be appearing on search results within hours, compared to SEO taking months of work.

Many companies can still achieve a very good ROI with PPC despite paying each time your ad is clicked. For example, if you are averaging $2 per click and you would normally get an average of $500 in sales for every 100 visitors, providing a $300 profit.

Once you have a winning campaign and good Google PPC management in place, your campaign manager can normally optimize your campaign to bring your average PPC cost down.

How PPC Click Works

While setting up a campaign and getting up and running quickly is straightforward, there are many moving parts to ensure a positive ROI is achieved.

To begin with, you normally choose keywords related to your product or service. These keywords are what, according to the statistics that Google gathers, users type into the search engine most often when searching for a product or service in your niche.

You will bid on the keywords that you want your ad to show for much like a traditional auction.

As there may be many other companies bidding for the same keywords, some of the most popular can be quite expensive. Therefore, some keyword research is normally required to seek out less competitive keywords that are more directly related to your specific product or service.

When running a PPC campaign you can have many different ads that relate to different aspects of your business.

These ads would be part of ad groups and each group would have its own set of keywords.

Quality and Relevance

Google is one of the most successful companies due in large part on how Google’s search engine provides quality and relevant results for its users.

For advertisers with deep pockets, you cannot just attempt to outbid your competition. There are many other factors in which Google decide on how much you pay per click as well as the bidding process itself.

Some of those factors include quality and relevance. If you bid on a search term and your ad shows and not that many users click on it, then your ad is not relevant enough.

On the other hand, if you are getting a high amount of clicks Google will reward you with a lower cost per click compared to your competition.

A Google PPC management company like Marketing Success can help your business choose the best keywords, optimize your campaign for improved performance and provide all the required tracking for a successful PPC campaign.

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