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Unleashing Growth and Conversions for AU Precious Metals


AU Precious Metals, a renowned precious metals dealer, partnered with Marketing Success, a leading digital marketing agency, to elevate their online presence, attract a larger audience, and drive significant conversions. This case study showcases the strategies and initiatives implemented by Marketing Success, resulting in remarkable improvements across key performance indicators (KPIs) for AU Precious Metals, including user acquisition, keyword rankings, and conversions.



The primary objectives set by AU Precious Metals were as follows:

  • Expand the user base and attract a larger audience.
  • Enhance keyword rankings to increase organic visibility.
  • Drive substantial conversions and maximize business growth.


Before partnering with Marketing Success, AU Precious Metals faced the following challenges:

  • Limited online visibility in a highly competitive precious metals market.
  • Inconsistent keyword rankings, leading to lower organic traffic.
  • Inadequate conversion rate optimization strategies.
 Improved users by 357.27%<br />
 Improved the number of keywords ranking by 249%
 Improved conversions by 751.32%<br />

Strategy and Implementation

Marketing Success devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for AU Precious Metals, employing various tactics to address the challenges and achieve the client’s objectives. The key initiatives included:

Search Engine Optimization Enhancement

Search Engine Optimization Enhancement

Marketing Success conducted an in-depth analysis of AU Precious Metals’ website and identified opportunities for SEO improvement. We optimized on-page elements, conducted thorough keyword research, and implemented effective link-building strategies to improve keyword rankings and organic traffic.
Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketing Success conducted comprehensive user experience audits to identify conversion barriers and areas for improvement. We optimized landing pages, streamlined the purchasing process, and implemented persuasive call-to-actions (CTAs) to enhance the overall conversion rate and drive significant conversions.
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Marketing Success developed a content marketing strategy to position AU Precious Metals as an expert in the precious metals market. We created informative blog posts to educate the target audience, foster trust, and establish brand authority.


The implementation of the above strategies yielded remarkable results for AU Precious Metals:

User Acquisition357.27%

User Acquisition

AU Precious Metals experienced an impressive increase of 357.27% in the number of users. Marketing Success’ strategic initiatives, including enhanced organic visibility and targeted CRO strategy, successfully attracted a larger audience to AU Precious Metals’ website.

Keyword Rankings249%

Keyword Rankings

The number of keywords ranking for AU Precious Metals increased by an impressive 249%, resulting in higher organic visibility and increased relevant traffic. Marketing Success’ SEO efforts, including optimized on-page elements and effective link-building, played a vital role in achieving these gains.

Conversion Growth751.32%

Conversion Growth

Conversions for AU Precious Metals skyrocketed by an outstanding 751.32%. Marketing Success’ comprehensive CRO strategies, including optimized landing pages and persuasive CTAs, played a crucial role in maximizing conversions and driving significant business growth.



Through a results-driven and tailored digital marketing approach, Marketing Success successfully helped AU Precious Metals achieve remarkable improvements in user acquisition, keyword rankings, and conversions. The substantial increase in the number of users, improved organic visibility, and significant growth in conversions validated the effectiveness of the implemented strategies. By leveraging SEO, CRO, content marketing, and social media advertising, Marketing Success established AU Precious Metals as a leading force in the precious metals market, driving sustained business growth and solidifying their online presence.

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